When RajI became RajE

This was in 2010, and a recruiter was not able to comprehend that I was pronouncing “RAJI” to sound as “RAJ-EE” like WALL-E! and she wanted to call me RAJ-I. To make her happy I changed the nick name in my resume to RAJE.. So she could call me RAJ-EEEEE!!!

And then I changed my profile name in Linkedin. Had to update my twitter handle. Then register in seminars as RAJE.
Thus creating a new set of people who now know me as Raj-E. But the problem is they don’t call me RAJ-EEEEE!
Rather.. Raje’ (with an “a” accent at the end!) . Phew.

So, if you know me as Raje’, then it is the same old wine in a new bottle.
And if you know me as Raji, you know there is nothing to whine about!!