“Be happily married to Agile ever after!” said the Preacher (Coach)

I listened to them for about an hour.  Execs and Managers – their plans, concerns and more plans for Agile roll-out!

At the end of one hour, as a parting shot, I entered the scene and to get their attention played the “Know your Tribe” game. Playing this game was a live display of the org chart. It was a good ice breaker, and lightened the room.

“Adopting Agile is not easy. The decision to practice Agile is not easier.  Agile Adoption is like being married. Are you ready to marry Agile? Are you ready to follow the ceremonies of Scrum?  Every thing you do now, and breathe will have to be Agile. And if this fails you know you can’t just blame the “other”.  You can’t give up. Giving up and hiding under the rug is easy.  Your problems and issues will be exposed, and you will have to face it. As  Leaders it is even more difficult for you to hide. We need to be immersed in Agile principles, that is the only way that our Scrum teams will be able to practice.”

Like a preacher, I stood there talking to them very breifly. I felt the fire from one person reaching out to them kindling them. Wanting them to be inspired, so that the fire in them can cause the transformation to explode

 They just don’t know yet.

(I learnt “Know your Tribe” game at Lean Seattle 2011)