Bold or Blonde – My #Agile Leader?

“Hi, Ray!” I greeted with some leftover energy that I could muster. “I could use some caffeine to get high on energy”

With a mischievous smile he asked, “Bold or Blonde?”

I replied ,”Bold please”.

He grinned, as if he knew this was what I was going to ask for. As a Starbucks barista, when he needs more caffeine, he always makes a blonde and laces it with sugary syrup.  He patiently explained.. “Until I became a barista, i never knew that bold coffee just has a bolder taste.. and as you roast it longer… it starts losing its caffeine!.  Milder the roast, stronger the caffeine”.  And he reiterated…

“strong flavor is from deep roasting and strong caffeine is from mild roasting”

Isn’t this how we choose our leaders as well?

I would love for my Agile leaders to continue having the caffeine kick in them long after the infatuation with Agile is transformed to a relationship of dating and then to  a rhythmic marriage.

I would love for my Agile leaders in organizations to not just make noise during the beginning, but stay strong without losing their caffeine kick, during the long haul of re-organization and then the journey.

Noise makers and good. They help create the flutter. Their flavor is bold. But the gentler souls are whom I see as lasting longer in these journeys. They retain the true Agile spirit in them. I look for such type of leaders, and cherish and nurture them. Their caffeine lasts longer.


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