Software Craftsman: Paired wurdle

A friday afternoon flight is something that weekly commuters must be wary of.  The day is not done, but work is. My mind is still racing with all the coffee, discussions and getting ready to transition to family and personal life.  I am not too sleepy, but also want time to ponder. There is a forced silence in the aircraft.

When I am in this state of mind, I grab my iPad and play wurdle.  It takes me a few hours to get to about 20% to 30% of words, and then I get bored and start a new game.

During this particular flight my co-passenger (seemed like a weekly commuter, equally disenchanted with the afternoon sun, too bored to even chat) had his eyes closed and was resting against his seat.  As I drew my ipad, he half opened his eyes. careful not to disturb him, Istarted playing wurdle. And them I hear him shift in his seat. He sat up. Started observing. Probably his first sighting of the game. About 5 words later,  he pointed to a word. I smiled. I pulled the snack tray. Perched the iPad for both of us to see and use.  We started forming words. As a natural cadence, we allowed one word per person and took turns.  Within about an hour or less (or more) we had completed 20 to 25% of all the words.

We lost interest in the game. Words were not being formed. We tried to chit chat. It wasn’t interesting. He went back to closing his eyes and resting, while I started to play sudoku.

Later as I pondered this event…. I realized this is what Paired work / paired programming is all about.  Developing a cadence. A rhythm between two people and two sets of eyes, and the work.  The rhythm is the art at play here.


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