Retrospectives and lunches

We have all heard it many times.  We are churning too much for two week iterations. Things are going so well, we really don’t have anything else to say! Things are going so bad all the time, we already know the problems, we have been discussing every day..there is nothing new to discuss…..

It was almost lunch time when the sprint review ended.. and the team received raving reviews from the product owner, thus prompting the team to allow the business to stay on for the retrospective. It was like a pat on their back.  They had worked very hard with the team.  Sensing a good opportunity, I offered to facilitate their retrospective so that their Scrum Master could also be a participant.

Everyone had to write three points:

1.  What was one moment during the iteration that they thought went well?

2. Instances where they (or someone else) could have done better / differently?

3. What is their thought about a probable obstacle for the next sprint and how do they intend to resolve it?

Other simple rules: 

Form a pair, spend enough time to tell what has been written down.

Listen to the other person.

Break and find another person to talk to. (yeah.. yeah.. something like speed dating!). 

Talk to atleast 4 people.

Everyone was enthusiastic. They started sharing with each other.

When I sensed that they might have finished talking to four people, I suggested that we can be done with the session, collect our notecards for data gathering and split. To my surprise, they didn’t want to end.  They wanted to talk to every member of the team

With a smile of contenment I quietly slipped from the room, knowing very well that at-least a few pairs would have gone off to lunch together in deep discussion or having found a new topic.. or actually found a new friendImage





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