Yes we agreed! – definition of team behaviour (exercise 1)

When discussing Scrum with teams, I often use the phrase:

“Definition of done – Is how you intend to treat your work, and show your relationship with it”  likewise,
“Team charter – is how you intend to treat each other and show your mutual respect for each other”

When working with new groups of people brought together for a specific purpose,  helping them create a team charter  is always an energetic exercise. It is fun and fulfilling. Their transition to becoming a team kicks off quite early on.

Here is one exercise that never fails:

Supplies:  Various colored stickies /cards , markers and white board / large note pads (just so that depleted supplies in the work areas are not a surprise)

a. Each person in the room had to write at the minimum one “behavior “they believe

-Must  happen

-Must not happen

May happen – for the work to be successful.

Please note:  These could be individual or team behavior.

Once they had this written down, all the stickies were placed on the right side of the board.

b. Without any additional discussions on what they had written, they had to quickly move to the next part.  Each team member had to write “risks” that they perceive with happen to dampen the work.

Please note: These could relate to product, people, process, environment.. anything that came to their minds.

Now these risks were placed on the left side of the board.

c. Then one person in the group volunteers ( or is invited) to pick up a random card from the left side (risks) and identify if any cards on the right side (behavior) of the board would help remove the risk. Then they had to read to the group why they matched these, and the group discussed for a few minutes.  We then went around the room and every single person had  to read a card and match with solutions.


For the team:  They were heard! Their fears and concerns were expressed, discussed, validated;  an understanding that nothing will be labeled as a “stupid question”;

For the Scrum Master: Without much pain part 1 of team behavior was generated; additional stakeholders that should have been in the session identified; escalation and communication paths realized

For the coach:  A foundation laid to further deep dive into Agile manifesto and fundamentals at the right time;


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