#Agile2013: Being SAFe with the Mob!

Did Agile2013 deliver?

The breadth of how Agile has grown in the past decade is quite fascinating.

Yin and Yang at play:  There are plentiful techniques created by men talking about feelings  and the human side of things while  women agilists  were wooing the geeks.  It just seems that all of it is just a manifestation of what we want to be, what we have gone through and what we want to relive!  Being Agile just seems to be a let out for our egos, disappointments and helps us to self correct the state of our minds.

Mobbers and SAFe: Another obvious event that happened was Mob programmers and Dean (SAFe) talking, selling, discussing the techniques that they invented or figured out over the years.  I am excited to follow / adopt these two techniques for the next year and discuss more in Orlando.

Cesars’ untiring effort to showcase his new board game was interesting to watch and hope he gets what he wants to do. Good luck buddy!

Listening to Linda rising, Dancing with Lysaa Adkins, meeting Harold at most of the sessions and discovering that we share the same passions,  Discussing Suspension at open jam,  Discussing gaping void cartoons, Repeating my unintended personal growth story to who ever was willing to listen at the conference… was all exciting.

Watching, observing and interacting with new comers to the conference gave me ideas that I am hoping to pass on to the planners for #agile2014

Meeting  Chris Avery, Liz (@lunivore),  Cesar (@macromanagers), Woody (@woodyzuill) and many others some of whom have been carriers of clear messages to me was a gift.o

I also came to the conference (and stayed in it) to discover if Agile is where I want to be, and yes! i want to be here. I want all the confusion. The discoveries. The love. The lonliness. Be a witness to the rise and fall of egos. Being SAFe with the mob.  Above all become a better person, and be the agile being we are meant to be.


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