#scrum #agile : Identifying risks through games

Image I met a new group of people with the intention of discovering the right coaching approach for them.  There was a large population of youth in this group and I decided to keep the introduction to a dot game that I thought would be relevant.

Though they believed their maturity level was quite high, I wanted us to discover the patterns on how they interpreted their roles and the ceremonies.

As the picture indicates, I taped a large note pad on the wall and identified  the  ceremonies that they were practicing and asked them to rank them on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being the least important to 5 bringing in the highest value!

Then as they placed their dots on the ceremonies, they were themselves surprised that for their level of maturity they found retrospectives the least important ceremony as a group.

Ouch! that hurt for someone like me who believes that retrospective is the most important ceremony of all.

Intent of doing this exercise:

People reveal a lot about the system without being asked to. We understand how they interpret. They allow a small window to their world of thinking.

And now that the pattern was revealed, we dived into action.

Our decision:

We decided not to focus on the most important or the least important ceremonies… but to start somewhere in the middle.  As a group we decided that we would focus on why they felt planning was a non event for them and work on it.   Because this group was large, and they had been practicing Scrum for over 2 years when I met them initially, acknowledging that they needed change was the first step.  The rest followed in due course.


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