#agile #scrum #understandingpatterns : Map vs Terrain

During a introduction session for Scrum Masters,  they were given many quotes / phrases and oneliners  (mostly from  #gapingvoid,  some by me, some from earlier participants). 

Invariably people attending a Scrum Master training session are a mixed bag. They represent various groups in an organization, would have been curious to know about Scrum, or have practiced Scrum in an earlier engagement and so on…. and understanding their thinking and interpretation of Scrum is a beautiful discovery process.

Here is the interpretation for the words “Map vs Terrain”


One group had used roles and other related verbiage in scrum while the other two groups used their own interpretation. 

Group 1 had a huge problem with Agile coaches!!!!. They were a large organization with endless constraints.  And now here were coaches bringing in theories and past experiences, some wanting to be treated as gurus or create a cult like following within the organization.  Teams could not cope with it.  More often, coaches see the organization that they coach through their own lens, their own expectations of themselves and the skills they bring, their need to be visible, and their theories being implemented.

As coaches we should aim at not falling into such traps

Their take away from the specifics of Map vs Terrain was “someone please listen to us and our problems!”

The second and third groups were much younger  and looked at “map vs terrain” more humorously than the first group

My purpose of facilitating this exercise was met and the coaching intent, coaching approach to these teams  was revealed and taking shape in my mind in this quick intensive exercise.







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