#change : Movement is not change, Change can become a movement

In this context we were discussing about “movement” and how it relates to change.

Change of address is movement.

Change of car is movement.

Changing locations or job is movement.

Not cooking but deciding to order in or stock up in the freezer is another form of movement.

But these are not real changes.  They are “movements”

We should not falsely believe that such movements are changes.

Change happens internally.  Change is subtle.

Sometimes giving up one cup of coffee may seem small but it is actually a big shift.


Giving up coffee, and then craving for coffee, and then internalizing the craving, and then lying down in your couch with a headache for a few days, internalizing and swallowing the craving,  overcoming the headache, being suspended, then feeling lighter and good, then getting up and drinking water, and not grabbing that cup of coffee is beginning of CHANGE. 

Trying to drink a decaf, or gulping coffee candies is not accepting the change, but creating a persona of feels good change!

Not drinking that coffee for ever is Permanance of Change. Then change has arrived.







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