#kaizen #change #transformation: What non-IT , non-agilists share with us

This afternoon we had an interesting discussion about  #kaizen.  The only thing that was new for my group was the word #kaizen. 

Here are some thoughts that were discussed:


1. Change is inevitable – flow with it, not against it

2. Change is nothing more than creating new habits

3. Change is the ability to adapt

4. Change can cause physical stress and irritability. Be aware of why it occurs.

5. Change is not always a choice, but is a necessity

6. Change is never complete

7. Change is the opportunity for personal growth

8. Change is instinctive and intutive

9. Change is very subtle

10. Movement is not change

11. Change is survival

12. Change is never done

13. Internalized change cannot be seen

14. Change is developing new patterns

15. Why does change need patience? -Relearning, New learning




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