#community #leadership #Agile: A homage to redwoods’ “community root system”!

Wanting to hug and tug its leaves has so far not happened, and I may not add it to my bucket list, but the redwood ecosystem will continue to exist, with or without me. And I am fine with that!

The lessons we learn from their root system is amazing, especially in this age of social media and information highway rush, where we make-up for a wide body of knowledge vs a very small group of deeply knowledgeable aristocrats.

Why is that important?

The shallow 5 feet deep roots support a huge mass of 250 feet high tree.  And this is possible because of the their “community of roots”.  Instead of each tree having a long tap root and a supporting root system.. that lets one tree live, thrive and die on its own..


 These short roots tend to bind, hold hands, interlock fingers, exchange energy  + data, through these interlocked nodes…  thus allowing the tree to grow tall and support another completely separate ecosystem that thrives for centuries. When death to a tree occurs, it did not die alone.

This is the type of Leadership I need. We need. Our ecosystem needs.

Not one man. Not one woman. Not one ego. But all of us, leading from within.  Egoless, Formless. United.

There is no one leader. There is no “giver”. There is no “receiver”. There is just sharing.  And when we share we are equal.  And then we become leaders. 





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