#agile #coaching #leadership : Is your leadership a butterfly garden?

After a spectacular view of the butterfly garden my curiosity to see more of the butterflies grew. I wanted to see eggs and caterpillars and if possible a pupa safely tucked away somewhere.

But when I found out that the butterfly eggs are imported and the butterflies are released after making them sterile my spirits were dampened.  Eggs were imported regularly, incubated and then released.. so that we could  enjoy viewing the rarest of rare butterflies which we might not get to see in one place or see all of them in our lifetime. I immersed in deep thought.


A delicate and vulnerable creature has trusted itself completely in human hands. And we did our magic ?

Such should not be the qualities of leaders. Great leaders. Good leaders. Volunteer leader. Any type of leader.

Leaders are trusted by those around them. Trust creates vulnerability. When people are vulnerable they expose their innocence. They are childlike (not childish!)  This is a gift for the leader, and they have to use this gift with great care, faithfulness, devotion and love.

A leader should not want to grow a butterfly garden with sterile butterflies for the joy of ownership and possession. A leader should allow a garden to evolve.  Take shape. Have its own form.  That signals growth and true leadership






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  1. Thanks James! I like my leaders to hold the trust and vulnerability with a deep sense of care, and not react to it but be in a state of suspension.. until they process what they have received and have an unbiased clarity of what to do with it even if it comes at a great price for the leader themselves. What are your thoughts?

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