#change #transformation: Discovering change

We discussed more on change yesterday.  Here is to summarize a beautiful conversation that my friend has with her spouse.

“I am changing”

“Is that so? Maybe you are discovering more about yourself. The essence of the person is the same. It just expands what you are.  The new discoveries add to your self.  New discoveries do not need to force movement.  They can happen where you are.”

“when you discover more about yourself and you are also truthful in your relationships, it enhances you, thus enriching everyone around you”




  1. Well said. When a square (analytical, direct, planner, rule maker…) and a circle (free flowing, rule bender, non planner, free spirit…) get together, they usually learn new things and traits from each other. But what makes the circle happy is that with continued interaction, the straight, spiked corners of the square, start changing into rounded corners.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Adriana. As the relationship matures they begin to live in harmony! and they soften / or complete each other. (and so you don’
    t have to worry about fitting the square peg in the round hole.. rather the patterns of change one person experiences, influences and helps the other) . I likes how each one of us look at change as we perceive it.

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