#scrum #agile: Time to attract trouble


Take a few seconds to look at the link above and read the caption! I follow Paul Salopek’s walkathon with great interest and awe. I wonder : What is he in pursuit of?  What paths is he trying to redefine or figure out. Maybe he is an old soul that has come back to complete his journey 🙂

The camel’s nose is attuned to smell water. Smell life. That is their survival kit. Their survival mechanism. They smelt the packed alfalfa grass in Paul’s luggage.  Isn’t that beautiful. I have a smile lurking as I imagine how it would have been when they felt the Camel’s breadth on their sleepy faces!

This particular photograph that he tweeted made me think of my Scrum Masters. I would love our Scrum Masters to be intuitive. Focused on survival of the team. Always going where they know the solution exists. Or where there is a reasonable cause for a problem to start.

How do you smell trouble?

By being aware:  Developing awareness of team members success factors and what pulls them down. Knowing and helping them with their constraints. Being aware of unspoken language. Understand why certain events happen. Be attuned to events and people and know “why stuff happen”. By being patient, and practicing the art of delay. By negotiating. By taking steps to have meaningful conversations.

It takes time to develop this art of sniffing trouble! Weeks. Months. Maybe years. That is why in Agile teams we like our team members to work together as much as possible. It makes it easier for problems to be sniffed out. Make them go away. Or completely start from scratch.

These practices cannot be developed overnight when one is “given the role of a Scrum Master” or “Asked to be an Agile coach”.  These are formed as part of our individual persona that has developed over the years..maybe through friendly play in the neighborhood patch, or socializing with family and friends; Or just being aware of our own needs and wants;  Else sometimes “awareness” is thrown on to you like a Tsunami crashing on your sleepy soul.


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