#extensionsoftheself #connections #life: Passion attachment curve

During our weekly meetup session this afternoon, we decided to discuss a passion that we all shared.


We had attended the warehouse opening of a crystal and fossil showroom, and chose to discuss our shared love for crystals.

For one person it has been their passion from childhood –  be it foraging for fossils in forests or salvaging crystals from river beds.  For one it is an opportunity to use crystals for healing their body, mind and spirit.  For one they are just so beautiful and mesmerizing, that she can’t have them all!

As we continued our conversations we realized the following:

1.  A dream of a fantasy from childhood can be harbored and nurtured by one if they had not given up on their passion to achieve their dream.  “The passion attachment curve” as we called it, is sometimes mellow; sometimes strong.  If the passion is free from “Ego poisoning” .. it is nurtured and loved not just by the individual but by everyone around. It creates joy for everyone. If the passion is filled with “Ego poisoning”, then it destroys everything in its path, and we are blinded by “Ego passion”.

2. For the team member who uses crystal for healing: It was neither a last resort for healing nor the first choice. It was just an intelligent and wise choice after discussing with healers and therapists. Having made the decision to use crystals for healing, she has now made a commitment to learn, explore and understand crystals more.

3. For the team member who just loves them – there is a long road to discovery about the real intention of accumulating crystals.  To find the real intention she needs to understand her true motives. Then how she acquires them will have to change. She needs to research and understand the real cost of acquiring.  If her intention is to collect then she might purchase authentic and pure crystals. If her intention is for decoration, then the true value is not needed. If she acquires them as a coping mechanism or as a therapy for recent stress and traumatic instances in her life she might want to face the issue.

Discussing a passion and the psychology behind it was revealing. And as a group we also continue to discuss and evaluate habits in our everyday life. We were glad to have had an opportunity to identify the craving in a habit routine and change it if need be.