#agile #coaching #leadership – Falling far from the center

In  “crime and punishment” the protagonist  Rodion Raskolnikov has an hypothesis that  some people are naturally capable of “being a Robin hood or some have the right to be so” The story revolves around his beliefs and actions.

IMG_1843Where do we start: What do we do when we meet such leaders in our organizations?  Are they a product of the society or they built a society around them to suit their causes? What battles are they choosing to fight?  What do they choose to ignore? Whom do they trust and why?

Getting to know them: Understanding the underlying causes of their attitude, behavior is the first step to effective coaching.  Knowing how removed from being centered they are, and how far from their causes or the organizations need they are will reveal what goes in their mind.

Beginning the journey:  Last week I met a leader whose primary need for the hour was to manage his obsessions and actions that stem from it. Maybe this is difficult to understand. Maybe this is easy to solve. Obsession is a symptom for many other underlying causes. So many life events and decision points lead to one or many obsessions. Unraveling the causes is a journey. We have just begun.



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