#coachretreat2013 #scrum: Being Present

My first learning from the coachretreat was to realign my body and mind to “being present”

My short version for “Individuals and Interactions over process and tools” will now be “Be Present”, and here is why:

Being present changes our perception of what an interaction is. Being present changes how we interact. How we engage. How we initate and withdraw from conversation.

It will then not be about being an introvert or an extrovert. It will then not be about who gets to talk more and who needs to be controlled more.  And not about who has the talking token and who gets to go next. It will not be about the power to be loud or talk softly.

It will then be all about the power to listen and engage. The more we listen and engage appropriately the more powerful we become.


Listen and be present

At the retreat we split into smaller groups, did deep dive into our chosen topics.. created visuals, had conversations, some that were not completed, some that were too deep.. But we engaged our brains and were being present.

Every topic that we discussed, every game that was played relied on us “being present” at the moment. And to face the opportunity to begin an uncomfortable conversation. Or discuss a pain point. Discuss a new idea.  Quietly whisper how sometimes coaching is like mothering. Discuss Fear. Emotional leadership. Discuss Scaled Agile (the new hippy framework in town!)

More to come….





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