#personalkanban and #definitionofdone

During the Jan session of PK flow and tasks,  Bob had a thought:

“We use Kanban and Scrum at work. And we have definition of done written down.  I am sure to benefit more by writing down a definition of done for tasks in my PersonalKanban board”

“Sure, why not?” I responded quite enthusiastically.  He knew the principles behind visual tools, had just not created a personal board for himself.  There were others in the session who were new to the concepts of kanban and definition of done.

Thus I had an opportunity to deliberate with this phrase. “Definition of done” exhibited  proudly near a teams’ card wall is a self directed indicator of the quality of work. It is represented at a goal, deliverable, user story or at a task level. It enhances accountability, promotes dialogues and well intended interactions.

How does an individual translate this board to maximize interactions and usage?

For example, a backlog item or a goal could be:  “Lose / Gain xx pounds this month”.

The associated tasks may vary from: Gym visits, drink liquids, avoid xx, eat 123, follow abc diet. A blocked item could be “rains this week -missing gym”

But let us say there is a clear intent behind the backlog item (or goal) of “Lose / Gain xx pounds this week” like:

-Become healthier, reduce sugar craving, brisk walks in nature, improved breathing – which are often unspoken / unsaid or not made visible.   A simple well formed “Definition of Done”  reflects this intent.  It is a wholesome qualitative reflection of what we intend to do. The tasks then are its quantitative representations; Tasks in blocked column require constant monitoring.

Maybe abc diet is not the one if healthy weight change is the goal.  Brisk walks might need a sunny days and a good friend.  We reach out to a friend to check their availability; we plan accordingly; We are able to position ourselves to “conquer that task”; Brisk walks tell a story of improving health, even if no weight change has happened. We know our strategy to choose a sunny week and that kind friend was a “win”.

IMG_3291Intentions help us strategize better. Now, the board is user friendly and fun to use. We are creative beings – We have staged one man shows since our dreamy childhood and it is upto us to bring that joy of creativity into our daily lives!

Caveat:  Just  be sure the board does not remain “still and silent”. If the board does not flow or if you are not interacting  with it minimum once or twice a day – then it has become static and something is being missed. Or maybe you are just downplaying your capabilities and need challenging tasks. It is probably time to revisit some of the backlog items!


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