#Scrum simulation with legos

It is always good to revisit.  And during the revisit there is a new learning, old perceptions are revisited, and clarified.  And I had this opportunity at our meetup this evening.

Working with Legos, being a participant, recognizing how my observation skills about my own team work and how I observe a workflow was a beautiful end to an active Agile week.



One member new to Agile  joined us after we started the game received just one welcome message: “Hi! welcome, join us, and build a bicycle”. She had many questions:  Is this Agile? What are you doing? … and so on, but being a good sport she jumped right into building the bicycle without any hesitation.

Here is a collective learning outcome from our 90 minute session:

1.  It is nice to know what we are doing at-least after some time!

2. We became familiar with the pieces that after sometime it didn’t matter if we had to break them down

3. Do not reinvent the wheel. Ask.

4. What seems uncanny and weird might just be the right solution.

5. Talk to each other please

6. Why didn’t you ask questions?

7. We could have used more clarity. And more often

8. Do not get stuck with the first solution that you had. Life does not have to revolve around it.

9. I could use this model for my productivity training sessions

10.You may not have spoken to each other too often, but were observing and adapting to what the other person was doing

11. Now I have to go home and play with my Legos :):)

And a little bit of Agile and Scrum awareness was shared to folks new to it




Thankyou Brandon,  David, Larissa, Sara and  Vickie for sharing some fun moments.


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