#geekdom #agile #scrum: Lego simulation for Mob and Paired programming

(A warm saturday  afternoon + group of 6 Agile enthusiasts  + lego blocks) = (opportunity to learn Mob and Pair programming for techies)

The group was eager to learn. And the rules were simple.

Mob programming:

1. One driver

2. One business representative

3. Rest of the group were navigators

4. The build rotated hands every 5 minutes (both the driver and business roles went in rotation)

5. Number of builds: Three

Product developed: A truck

Lego Simulation to learn Mob Programming

Pair programming:

1.  Three teams

2.  Driver and navigator switched roles once after 5 minutes

3. Number of builds: One

Product developed: Different features of a truck

Lego simulation for Pair Programming

I Lego simulation to learn Pair Programming

Lessons learnt:  Collaboration was quite obvious. Every single  idea gets to be heard. Everyone gets to work on the product. All ideas go into one product, everyone learns. Good method to quickly learn, demonstrate, teach and practice new techniques with team.  Change is hard, and more difficult to see ones work being changed (demolished)  by another  just after creation.  Navigator role is difficult, especially when one is a senior professional.

Real time application: One product, Continuous Integration, Constant QA, opportunity to reduce functional defects and improve code quality

Special thanks to Royace to have made a 5 hour round trip  to attend our session.