Why my first #accus #accuswest will always be special to me

As I browsed the article “The second coming of the the second city” in the southwest flight towards LA for my first ever #accus #accuswest,


little did I know that the musketeers had arranged for an Improv session with @bonifer.   2 hours with Mike Bonifer, and his team ,activating the mind / body connection  around a campfire and S’mores as the sunset over the sprawling hills of the Irvine ranch was more than enough for me to declare this camp a success!

What else was a success factor for me at the camp:

Nature and camp settings:  An ideal setting to take the stress of a camp away. I wonder how would it be to go back to hotel rooms and conferences?

Casual and low key atmosphere: What I really cared about was that no one carried an air of importance. Everyone was accessible to the other.

Discussions around technology, process and business: Well can we ever live without these conversations?

City culture:  Having spent the past few weeks in Chicago, learning about the city and its culture – and then being in Orange county and meeting local Agilists helped me revalidate my thought process of how much the culture of a city shapes its Agile adoption. Oh really yes.

New friendships and renewed old ones:  New promises and generating opportunities for learning, contributing and collaboration is what makes such camps precious.

Thankyou to the organizers and attendees. See you soon.



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