About me: What now, what must

Life happens.

A simple question from a quiet stranger can set off of introspective moments.  Sometimes a life time of experience passes by unrecognized, unlearnt, uncherished.

A series of recent life experiences has allowed me to be in a deep state of suspension and understanding Ukemi (the art of letting go / breaking barriers). Learning to  let go, while observing and admiring the process has allowed me to “experience the state of happening”; Has taught me self-forgiveness and self-kindness; Has transformed the way I look at  life and living. I bring this transformational self awareness and joy to all my interactions.

I am an Agile coach, and Agile for me is:

Becoming relevant

Reinventing constantly

Is pausing, pondering , realizing “what must, what now”

Is embodying the state of  “never arriving”

I have organized these realizations  as The 5 step presencing method and ProductPersona for my coaching practice;



Agile facebook page:





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