#agile #coaching #change: Making a small shift

As I re-read “The Power of Habit” I recall some incidents from life:

During the 90’s and upto the mid 2000’s we were heavy Soda drinkers. Our home was stocked with a minimum of 10  liters of Soda bottles and the family raced to finish them every week. We had the fear that there won’t be any left if we did not get to the soda first.  Children would check the levels of Soda bottles first thing in the morning, because it would have been consumed after their bed time. (And probably make a mental check of consuming them when they returned from school that evening)

During one visit to Costco, I got home a case of bottled water, though we were using Brita filter to purify water. This was something new. This led to a dramatic change in our consumption of Soda. Everybody in the household held onto bottled water. Since we did not consume alcohol at home, to keep the taste buds satisfied I bought cases of Fuse for the men in the house.  This led to a dramatic decline in us buying Soda itself.  We limited Soda consumption to restaurant visits or for special occasions / or when we had friends over.   To this day, this habit has stuck.

That is when I realized that everyone wanted to eat and drink healthy, but grabbing a cold soda was easier than pouring water from the Brita filter onto a cup (and the Brita water was not cold, so they had to add ice to it – or if it was the grownups they were so lazy that they always needed someone else to get them a cup of water filled with ice). We were inserting many reasons for not drinking water. But stocking water bottles or Fuse in the fridge was the answer. Now the choice of drinking healthy was easier.

To continue the thought process and discoveries of making a small shift, during  yesterday’s meet-up I suggested we discuss the power of shifting one small habit and identifying the ripple effects and unintended consequences.

This was the first time for my team to articulate in a sequence about a habit and both members present chose to discuss their need to drink Soda.


And we detailed about the Cue, Routine, Reward and Craving.


We discovered that they have been working on changing the habit by doing the following:

1. Limit stocking at home  2.  No impulsive buys 3. Drink colorless soda 4. Drink carbonated water.  5. Focus on health 6. Get noticed by not ordering soda at restaurants.

For one of them the unintended consequences were the following:  1. Her child has reduced her consumption of Soda.  2. Proudly talks about it, and is a cheerleader to her mom.

Thus my belief that “Make one small shift and the world will realign” continues to gain momentum.


#change #leadership: Personal Mastery #sanantonio

During our Meetup session yesterday,  I mentioned to my team mates that I was reading a book, and I would not reveal the author, title or the contents but that the book discusses 5 broad principles the author had discovered; these enable transformation for a learning organization.  They had to pen down 5 important topics that they need to possess to gain expertise (transformation) in their life.

My team mates do not work in a”regular” organization.. they volunteer, are small business owners, managing life with what the universe have given that at this point of time. This are the 5 things that are relevant to Linda:


1.  Have compassion and patience:  This is a basic need. Care for others, care for yourself. Being compassionate helps with understanding what is “really happening”. This helps with not making assumptions by what we hear at face value. Helps with understanding the whole picture.

2. Ambition / Drive for success:  Always strive to be   “THAT”!!!! Ambition and passion are not the same. But Ambition and passion must go together for success.

3.  Passion / Love for what you do:  Passion needs to be FED. Else it gets complacent. Don’t put your passion in the closet.  FEED passion through  continuing what you do, Learning, Doing all you can.

4.  Honesty / Integrity:  Build trust. No one will be involved with you if you are not honest.  (She doesn’t use Monsato products because they are not honest)

5. Knowledge / Research: Back up what you say. No hollow words.

I then showed them the 5th discipline and said if only they had more awareness of what is being discussed in corporate board rooms,  amidst educated and like minded people their vocabulary would have more clarity. Now Linda is probably not YET the type of management guru that you would invite into your boardrooms. But that does not make her less wise does it? Or less passionate about what she is doing right now. She accepted and lived her decisions whole heartedly, and is still discovering her life’s goal and determined to discover her “reason for being here”.

At 60, she is striving to find her purpose.  Way to go Linda and let good luck follow you